Admissions Process

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When considering applicants to the School, the Admissions Committee carefully considers each boys musical ability, social maturity, and academic readiness to meet the demands of studying, traveling and performing.

The Audition

Most students begin their journey by auditioning for one of our two music directors, Fernando Malvar-Ruiz (Artistic Director); or Fred Meads (Director of Vocal Studies). The audition process is very simple and does not require advance preparation. Auditions are often held following American Boychoir performances, or families can make arrangements with the Admissions Office for their son to audition in person at the School. A recorded audition is also acceptable. Please see the Music Department's guidelines.

The School Visit

A positive audition leads to an invitation from the Admissions Department for the boy and his parents to visit The American Boychoir School.

During your visit, you will learn about our curriculum and tour the School, while your son will enjoy the experience of being a "chorister for a day." Visiting Days are held once per month, typically from Monday afternoon into Tuesday afternoon.

Day 1: We begin mid-afternoon on Monday with a luncheon and presentation about our academic and music programs, community life, and the experience of touring and performing. This is followed by a guided tour of campus. Refreshments are served in the afternoon while visiting parents have an opportunity to meet with current ABS parents for an informal chat. Time is also provided for each visiting family to meet in private conversation with the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. Finally, parents observe afternoon rehearsal with their son participating, then depart campus. Each visiting boy is integrated into school life by accompanying a current student in his grade as they go through classes and activities. We use this time to evaluate each boys academic preparedness, social maturity, and readiness to fit into the community. In rehearsal we observe his work ethic in music study with his peers, and his interaction with the music director. Dinner is enjoyed with fellow classmates in the dining hall, followed by a relaxing evening of activities and a night in the dormitory.

Day 2: The day starts with breakfast and the flag ceremony, then a return to classes and later, rehearsal. Parents arrive back on campus in the mid-afternoon, and might have the opportunity to observe the concert choir in rehearsal. Time is also provided to meet with the Dean of Academics, Dean of Student Life, Music Director, or Tour Manager, should parents have particular questions. The day ends approximately 4:00 pm.

The Application Process

Required Documents:

  • ABS Application
  • Transcripts for current and previous school year
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Academic Recommendation
  • Social Recommendation

Your application materials should be submitted prior to your visit date.

The Evaluation

Studying, traveling and performing provides a great deal of joy, but can also bring with it a measure of stress. As your sons welfare is always our primary concern, we carefully consider each boys musical ability, social maturity, and academic readiness to meet these demands, to ensure the likelihood that he will have a successful experience at the school.

Acceptance to the School

The American Boychoir School has rolling admissions. Parents will be notified of the Admissions Committee's decision as soon as possible after your son's visit to the School, and all documentation has been received.

The American Boychoir School is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization. The School welcomes students who represent the rich diversity of the American people and does not discriminate in its admissions, financial aid, scholarship programs or activities on the basis of race, color, disability, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, or religion. School policy includes prohibitions of harassment of students and employees based upon any of the above considerations.


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