Audition Process

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  • The audition process outlined below may be used for all programs of The American Boychoir School.
  • Please submit a separate audition for each program.
  • Auditions will be evaluated by program since criteria varies for each.

There are three ways to audition for American Boychoir programs:

  • After a concert - a call for auditions is announced at each concert
  • In person at the school - by appointment, please contact the Admission Office by email or call
    (609) 924-5858
  • Submission of a recorded audition - see below

An audition for The American Boychoir is a quick and simple process. The Music Director will ask the boy to participate in four singing activities: vocalization, a melody/rhythm exercise, a harmony exercise, and singing a simple song.

There is no requirement for a prepared solo or piece of music, and no previous experience is required for a boy to attend the School. The audition is designed to demonstrate a boy’s ability and talent, not his prior training. Thank you for sharing your love of music with us!

The Recorded Audition: Easy to Submit

A recorded audition may be submitted on a CD (no videos, please) or as an MP3 file. A music teacher, choir director, or vocal coach/accompanist should facilitate the audition. Listen to the audio clips provided for each step. The audio samples will guide you easily through the audition. The music notes for each step are also provided.

1. Introduction: The student states his name, age, current grade in school, hometown, and state/country of residence.

2. Warm-up: The student vocalizes by demonstrating his high, middle, and low ranges.

3. Melody/rhythm: The facilitator plays three melodies on the piano, 5-8 notes each, with varying rhythms. The student sings each melody back. At least one melody should be in a minor key.

4. Harmony: The facilitator plays two notes together at the interval of a 5th (i.e. C and G). The student sings back the higher of the two notes on a neutral syllable. The exercise is repeated, and the student sings back the lower note. Then the exercise is repeated with a different interval of notes.

5. Simple Song: The student sings one of the following simple songs, 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat,' 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,' or 'Happy Birthday.'

Submit audition recordings to:
Auditions: c/o Mr. Fred Meads
The American Boychoir School
P.O. Box 7468
Princeton, NJ 08543