Academic Study

The curriculum of The American Boychoir School is uniquely structured so that the boys gain their education not only in the classroom, but also during their touring and travel experiences, and their musical performances.

The boys enjoy the advantage of small classes in grades 4th through 8th. The 4th and 5th grade combination is a self-contained class where the students have regular daily periods of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

In grades six through eight, the boys change classes for Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Spanish.

Language Arts consists of lessons in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, literature, and an extensive writing program. Required reading is often integrated with Social Studies units and frequently coincides with an area to which the boys travel. A teacher-formulated writing process has successfully been used to expand the students’ ability to organize and express their ideas and opinions with coherence and fluency.

Math classes for each grade level are divided into sections by ability. Sixth grade is general math. Seventh grade begins the study of algebraic expressions, linear equations and reviews of percentages, decimals, and proportions. Eighth grade focuses on complex word problems, multi-step equations, and polynomials. The other section of grade eight performs quadratic functions and expressions with radicals.

Social Studies in the sixth grade includes geography and history. It is a survey of World Geography and Culture. Current events are an integral part of the program. Seventh grade focuses on American History from Early American Civilization to Reconstruction. Eighth grade continues from Reconstruction to the present, emphasizing America’s role in the Global Community.

Science classes are closely connected to the boys’ environment, working with the scientific process and the relevance it has in their lives. Sixth grade studies Life Science – the Unity and Diversity of Life. Seventh grade studies Earth Science. Eighth grade studies Physical Science, which includes Chemistry and Physics. The year culminates with an independent science project, which is developed throughout the year and displayed at the science fair.

Spanish instruction develops the students’ understanding and practical use of the language. The students learn oral structures, grammar, vocabulary, reading in context and writing skills. Their level of competency progresses with practice in speaking, conversation and composition.


Health Curriculum Overview

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Physical Education Curriculum

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Upper School English Curriculum Overview

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Upper School Math Curriculum Overview

Upper School Science Overview

Upper School Spanish Curriculum Overview


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