Upper School English Curriculum Overview

The health curriculum at The American Boychoir School follows the National Health Education Standards. By following these standards, students will, by the eighth grade be able to:

6th Grade English

In the sixth grade, spelling and literature are the way in which a rich vocabulary is built, literary terms are discussed, critical thinking is encouraged, and interdisciplinary subjects are reinforced. Students discuss the parts of speech, correct sentence structure, and punctuation. They are encouraged to use the writing process and explore different types of writing. In this course, technology is incorporated through the learning of word processing skills.

7th Grade English

Writing is the main focus of the seventh grade. They not only improve their writing fluency and organization, but focus on vocabulary building and more developed grammar skills. Literary analysis sparks many lively discussions and writing topics. Technology is incorporated through the continued learning of word processing skills and the introduction of research skills.

8th Grade English

In the eighth grade, students continue their exploration of grammar, vocabulary, and writing through American literature. Their literary discussions focus on the works of Twain, Poe, and Parker among others. Literary analysis and expressing ones self through oral and written presentation are the center of this course. Technology is incorporated by continuing word processing and research skills.

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