Upper School Mathematics Curriculum Overview

6th Grade Mathematics

The curriculum for the sixth grade mathematics course is designed to solidify the student's knowledge of basic arithmetic while providing a solid foundation of pre-algebraic concepts. Students will cover a range of topics including: Types of Numbers, Ratio & Proportion, Prime Factorization, Variable Concepts, and Inverse Operations, among others. Throughout the year, students will be challenged to use their knowledge creatively, incorporating computers and technology in projects based on the current unit of study.

7th Grade Mathematics

The curriculum for the seventh grade mathematics course is designed to confirm the student's knowledge of pre-algebraic concepts, and begin studying Algebra. In seventh grade, the course is capable of being divided into two sections, allowing more specialized instruction in the material. In both standard and accelerated sections, students will begin to cover Pre-Algebraic material, and move into a study of Algebra. The accelerated class will cover the material in greater depth and rapidity.

8th Grade Mathematics

Continuing the course of study from the seventh grade, eighth grade mathematics concludes its study of Algebra by proceeding to in-depth studies of more difficult algebraic concepts and trigonometric formulae. In keeping with the division of the seventh grade sections, 8th grade mathematics continues with standard and accelerated classes, where the accelerated class covers subjects with greater depth and rapidity.

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