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Program Overview

Solar ProjectScience in the Upper School is a three-year program designed to promote the growth of scientific literacy with the development of scientific principles and science related skills. Lesson plans are built upon a foundation stressing the importance of critical thinking skills, inquiry based learning, and the promotion of curiosity and self discovery. Emphasis is placed on the integration of technology within the classroom, making real world connections, and cross-curricular math integration.

Grade 6: Life Science

Science at the 6th grade level serves as an introduction to core science concepts, including an understanding and utilization of the scientific method and the development of science lab familiarity. This course focuses on all living things and attempts to get students to observe the world through the eyes of a scientist, ask questions, appreciate the microscopic world surrounding them, and be comfortable with laboratory tools.

Grade 7: Earth Science

Science at the 7th grade level reinforces and then takes to a higher level the skills learned in 6th grade including laboratory skills, critical thinking skills, and viewing science as a means of learning about our physical world through various investigative techniques. In addition, through the examination of topics in Earth Science, students are taught to have a better understanding of the universe in which we live and their place within it. Students also gain an understanding of their responsibility for Earth globally as well as for their immediate environment. Furthermore, they make connections between science and math in the classroom and the outside world.

Grade 8: Physical Science

Science at the 8th grade level involves the utilization of all skills learned from the previous years in the program along with the acquisition of new skills involving an examination of the physical world. Students examine the basic principles of chemistry and physics. This includes an understanding of the structure and behavior of matter as well as an understanding of natural laws as they apply to motion, forces, and energy.

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