1954 Columbus Boychoir in vestments standing in front of Albemarle The Columbus Boychoir, American Boychoir and the associated school has a long and rich history or amazing performances, recordings and tours around the United States and the world. This unique artistic history is currently inaccessible as a complete archive.  Boxes of papers, pamphlets, tour brochures, performance flyers, photographs, films and videos, audio recordings and much more are currently sitting in storage lockers awaiting funding to be able to properly digitize, catalog, organize and display in a single location. Our hope is to be able to secure funding to hire archive professionals to complete this project accurately and thoroughly.

Please help by supporting this project. Through your financial support, together we can protect and bring the magnificent and distinctive history of the Columbus and American Boychoir online for all to share and enjoy.

There is much more out there than just what The Boychoir Foundation has at this time. We also call on our alumni and former faculty, staff and the greater Boychoir Family to help us as well by either contacting us for an account so you can upload your memories directly or by sending in your memorabilia for addition to the archive.

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